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24/7 availability when you need us

Here at Total Industrial Solutions, we are committed to providing service based around the needs and schedule of each client.

Our value added services can be provided at your convenience anywhere in Taupo, any time 24/7. We offer a range of options for commercial clients and event managers, from cleaning and waste removal to security and temporary labour hire.

To get started please contact us and we can discuss our services with you.


  • Amenity services – cleaning technicians
  • Registered security services
    Lockdown services – assist with station lockdown and reporting
  • Building maintenance – washes, repairs, glass services, gutter/drain/painting maintenance
  • Grounds maintenance – gardens, lawns, lichen removal, spraying
  • Graffiti removal – removal and repaint where required
  • Fire systems – BWOF, FPIS, Ext hose, means of escape, fire extinguishers, remedial works
  • Document destruction services
  • Catering – on request, up to 120 people
  • Event management – setup, cleanup
  • Environmental services – resource consent management
  • Project management – on request
  • Waste management – refuse removal, recycling
  • Laundry services
  • Painting and decorating – external, internal renovations
  • High pressure waterblasting (10,000-40,000 PSI), low pressure water blasting (1,000-5,000 PSI)
  • Vacuum loading – 5000 – 15000l
  • Road sweeping – on request
  • Confined space, working with heights operators
  • Advanced drug and alcohol detection
  • ICAM investigation services
  • Invoice platform
  • Temp labour resources
  • Plant propagation and provision

Industrials Division

TIS offer a complete Industrial Division offering highly experienced fully AUS/NZ trained high pressure water blasting operators our training regime complies with current legislation.

We can carry our valve blasting, weir-box cleaning, vessel cleaning, drain cleaning, pipe cleaning, tunnel cleaning and all other aspects of High Pressure Water Blasting we are extremely price competitive and supply free of charge with our trailer mounted 15K unit an 8,000 Litre water truck useful for steam field applications when working in remote sites.

Our Vacuum loading services carry out sump cleaning, interceptors, drain clearing, soak hole cleaning and many other vacuum services. We also carry out septic tank cleaning and programmed maintenance services.

Our water cart can transport 8,000L of water for water delivery when required.


Item Item
20,000 PSI Water Blasting Truck     (Qty 2) 3,500 Vacuum Loader
15,000 PSI Blasting Trailer               (Qty 1) 5,000 + Vacuum Loader
8,000 L Water Tanker Flushing Unit

Building Warrant of Fitness

TIS offer a complete fire systems management system from Building Warrant of Fitness, to fire testing, system draining and sprinkler head changing and have been supplying this service for over 13 years. We have a fully trained team who operate a 24/7 call out for fire services.

Listed below showcases our capability and in-house experience on current customer sites.


Item Item
Monthly Fire Extinguisher Hose Reel Inspections Annual Sprinkler Head Inspections
BWOF – Means of Escape & Exit Signage Diesel Pump Testing
Safety Barriers Checks & Reporting Refuelling diesel pump house (fire)
Fire Hydrant Testing Management of Installation Projects
Annual Flow Testing & Reporting Monthly – Annual Reporting
Fire Panel & Alarm Isolation/ Resets Sprinkler Head Replacement (Adhoc/Inspection)
24/7 On Call Fire Technicians to Isolate systems Fume Cupboard Inspections
Client Length of Service
Contact Energy GEO Sites – Taupo 11 Years Management – Current
The Laminex Group – Taupo 14 Years Management – Current
Tenon NZ Ltd – Taupo 14 Years Management – Current

Cleaning Services

With over 14 years’ experience in cleaning services throughout Taupo, our team of nine highly dedicated and professional cleaners have built strong partnerships with our customers due to their excellence in service and delivery. Together as a team we focus on customer services and a high delivery standard, no task is a problem and we always find a solution for our clients.


Client Length of Service
Contact Energy GEO Sites – Taupo 13 Years – FM Management – Current
The Laminex Group – Taupo 16 Years – FM Management – Current
Tenon NZ Ltd – Taupo 16 Years – FM Management – Current
MB Century- Taupo 3 Years – FM Management – Current

What others promise – We deliver’

Vehicle Services

We have a team of technicians including two car valet specialists and two mechanically competent operators who have been carrying out these services on our customer sites.

Our team are proactive in reporting issues and providing solutions to our client’s monthly inspection checks of mobile plant and company fleet details are recorded and action taken immediately where a circumstance may necessitate.

Pest Control

The lifecycle of the various pests present in New Zealand determines the frequency of control. This would be seasonal in some areas and ongoing in others to accommodate the breeding, life cycles and infestation frequencies.

TIS can introduce, a full perimeter based pest control program with all traps equipped with GPS units to coordinate ease of location and to ensure no stations or traps are missed.

Different pests have different home ranges and our plan will be implemented and varied as required. Cyclical pest controls for rats, mice, feral cats, insects and birds can be arranged.

Our in-house specialist is the key advisor for animal pest and predator control to the Waterfowl Enhancement Trust who focus on improving wetland health across Aotearoa.

 company’s policies and initiatives towards pest control not only support their own operations but the wider environment around them allowing people to connect with our nature in a more meaningful way

Refuse Removal

Our team of experienced operators have been carrying out these services for the past 12 years. TIS has been heavily involved in Council littler bin contracts and has the current refuse contract with the Taupo District Council. TIS has received high praise on our ability to manage this contract effectively, efficiently, reducing carbon footprints and offering innovative and sustainable solutions by introducing Big Belly Solar powered self-compacting bins to Taupo.

TIS have a dedicated team that can seamlessly manage the waste and recycling streams of our clients, without interruption to business. They monitor and measure the waste streams, reporting levels and when required, remove excess waste ensuring no unsightly or overfilling of bins. TIS has a 4m3 compaction truck which enables extra collections to be provided as required.

Lockdown & Patrol Services

For the past 10 years’ members of our team have been a providing lockdown and patrol services on client sites. As part of this service we maintain a daily log of lockdown compliances as well as breaches for vehicles, doors, windows, access gates and fence lines.
We utilise our internal resources onsite to reduce our carbon footprint and achieve a more sustainable approach to Lockdown and Patrol services.
Our management team were involved in managing the site security services to two major corporate industrial sites, Tenon and Laminex, on a 24/7 roster for over 16 years.

Trade Supplier – Sub Contractors

TIS is highly experienced in managing a large portfolio of trade supplier and sub-contractors to our clients sites including builders, painters, fire systems, chemical providers, plumbers, electricians, mechanical, engineering, drainage and many other required service providers managed through our sub-contractor management system.

Grounds Maintenance

Collectively we have delivered over 14,000 mowing hours and 30,000 weed-eating and spraying hours in Grounds Maintenance to our client sites.
Our multi-skilled employees that have been trained in all areas of our business, allowing us flexibility to move staff between sites and areas of work where appropriate.
TIS have invested in an extensive range of plant and equipment and we are prepared to invest in additional equipment to meet our customers changing needs.  Our equipment is routinely maintained in line with our company Vehicle and Maintenance Policy to ensure 100% availability and safe operation and we have surplus back up plant in our fleet to ensure no interruption to service delivery.

Client Length of Service
Contact Energy GEO Sites – Taupo 13


Years Management – Current

The Laminex Group – Taupo 16 Years Management – Current
Department of Conservation –  Taupo 10 Years Management – 9 Reserves –  Current

TIS have a proven history of providing excellence in service and delivery. TIS are an innovative, solution-seeking company focussing on Health & Safety, quality, efficiency and client relationships – These are the foundations on which our company was built.

TIS have the following plant and equipment available for use on the Grounds Maintenance.

Grounds Equipment Grounds Equipment
Jacobsen Wing Mower –  3.2 Metre Cut Ride on Mowers x 2
John Deere Wing Mower – 3.2 Metre cut Transporter Truck
Quad Bike &  Mounted Spray Unit Transporter Trailer
Spray Boom Unit 8 metre – folding wingspan – Hose & Reel Gun Unit Ventrac Slope Mower 30 Degree mowing capability
Weed Eaters/ Scrub Bars Chainsaws
Fencing Equipment including Strainers x 8 – cutters x 2, rammers x 3, post hole borer Backpack Spray units
Tandem Trailer Covered Trailer x 2