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Locally owned and operated in the Taupo region, Total Industrial Solutions has been operating for the past for 13 years. We are fully equipped to handle your event and building maintenance requirements, with over 30 full time operational staff and more than eight on call operational staff
For your peace of mind, we are accredited by CPNZ (Contractor Prequal NZ certified). We are happy to answer any queries you may have.

We are highly professional service providers, who have saved our clients time and money with innovative service delivery, excellence in time management, longevity of employees and sustainable solutions. We can provide expertise in all the following areas:

  • Fire Systems – BWOF
  • Fire Systems – Technical Expertise (In house)
  • Security Services – Lockdown, Registered Guards
  • Cleaning Technicians – Amenities and Stations
  • Buildings & Grounds – Lawns – Spraying – Gardens – Painting – Building Washing – Building maintenance, Asset management, Programmed maintenance.
  • Grounds work, mowing, weed eating, spraying, tree work, gardens, landscaping
  • High Pressure Water Blasting – Shut Blasting, Steam lines, Valves, Weir Boxes, Tunnels
  • Vacuum Loading Services – Interceptors, Drains, Bunds, Storm Drains,
  • Pest control – Bird Control, Rodent control, Animal Control
  • Septic Tank Servicing and maintenance programs
  • Subcontractor Management – Agreed Rates, Vetted, Agreed Margins
  • Refuse & Recycling Services – Full management of waste streams
  • Building/ Carpentry Services
  • Chemical Waste Disposal Services and Solutions
  • Project Management Services

Total Industrial Solutions operates a client relationship based on trust, loyalty, mutual respect and dedication. We have worked closely in partnership with our clients to ensure we are providing the level of service required. Total Industrial Solutions have demonstrated continuous improvement throughout our 14-year client relationships.

What is facilities management?

It is defined as a profession that encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure functionality of the built environment by integrating people, place, process and technology.

What will we do for you?

  • Deliver service to the highest possible standard at the best possible price
  • Deliver ‘value added’ services
    Take the time to understand your needs, not only listening but hearing what your client asks for
  • Ensure work is done safely and to standard at all times, following all health and safety rules and regulations (10 years LTI free on client sites)
  • Think outside of the square, with your interests as our primary focus

Account Management

Managing client relationships demands a high level of competency, understanding and knowledge, as well as understanding the customer’s ecosystem and value chain.

Total Industrial Solutions key account managers focus on;

  • Developing, documentation, planning and execution strategy.
  • Identifying and understanding customer needs, and developing ways to fill those needs, market competition and business partners
  • Potential external value chains, our stakeholders and how to add value.